MacCaching: “Some people use a Swiss Army Knife to Geocache, we just use a Mac!” A full featured cache manager for Mac with support for paperless caching, using just a Mac!

    MacCaching’s Feature List:

  • Quickly connect to Garmin or Magellan GPS Units (Serial or USB)
  • CacheMaps: Tight Integration with GoogleMaps. See your maps before you leave!
  • Paperless: Place cache information on your iPod’s “Notes” section
  • Paperless: Export directly to CacheMate (for Palm)
  • Paperless: Put Cache Info in a cell phone or iPod Contacts list (vCards)
  • Smart Cachelists: Manage groups of caches automatically and quickly
  • Pocket Query: Just drop them into MacCaching for easy importing
  • Export cache information in a variety of different formats
  • View previous cache logs (GPX and Pocket queries only)
  • … all with a easy-to-use and familiar interface!


This software connects your Garmin or Magallen based GPS receiver to OS X. Think of MacCaching like iTunes, but for Geocaches. You can create Cachelists (playlists) for caches in a general area, caches you have already found, caches you want to find, caches you own, and more! MacCaching is compatible with Geocaching.com’s .LOC and .GPX (single or pocket query) file formats.