Latest Build: 07-0219 Critical Refresh Fix

Download:Download Build 07-0219
Download:Download Build 07-0219_2 (Minor changes if you downloaded the “first” 0219 release, get the new one.)

If you are using any of the Beta builds, upgrade to this one ASAP.

The XML Processor has another bug in it. Originally I was going to promote the complier I am using for MacCaching. However, I’ve encountered so many critical bugs, I can’t justify giving those guys any credit!

If you were getting a crash after editing caches, this release will fix that. The crashes didn’t cause any data loss, but caused lots of crashing.

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  1. blubalu said,

    Wrote on February 22, 2007 @ 3:01 pm

    Great to see you’re working on smart cachelists.
    Finally I can have a look at my Found ones dynamically (when it will be a working feature).

    Thanks for your work!

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