Caching with CacheMate and a Palm-OS Device

This weekend was the first time I took advantage of MacCaching’s latest new feature: CacheMate support. Previously I had been paperless caching with my iPod. MacCaching (currently) will take a CacheList (or your entire Library), make vCards out of them, and import them into Address Book. From there, iTunes Syncs the contacts with your iPod.

Many of you asked for Smittyware’s CacheMate support. Starting with Build #96 (or was it #95?) I opened enabled built-in support for PalmOS devices. Now when you send Caches to your GPS, you also have the option to create a CacheMate file. MacCaching will even automatically launch it into HotSync for you!

Based on my own experience, I understand some of the issues that have been reported to me. I wasn’t aware you can’t directly search for a Cache’s waypoint name in CacheMate. This explains why so many of you wanted the actual description sent to your GPS instead of the Waypoint name. This is something I’ll be adding in the near future. What I do not think I will add is support to “import” notes from your CacheMate files back into MacCaching. If enough of you do this, import saved notes back to your computer, let me know. I will reconsider this decision…

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  1. Joe said,

    Wrote on June 4, 2007 @ 9:45 am

    Using descriptions..

    Funny thing about this it, I first started geocaching, one of the first apps i used was Cachemate. And I too got used to loving the NAMES instead of the waypoints.

    It much easier remembering the caches NAMES by the “Under the bridge” than WPXFR…..

    Thanks Joe

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