MacCaching v1.2 – Leopard Support & CacheMaps!

Download: Click here to download
YouTube Link: Demo of 1.0’s Features
YouTube Link:: Smart Cachelist Tutorial

This release includes two major enhancements. The first is Leopard Support. Our ability to test on Leopard has been limited, so not all features may work correctly at first. Please report your experiences in the MacCaching Forums (registering not required.)

The second new feature is CacheMaps! Click the “Show Maps” button to see a cache on a Google Map. Automatically the 5 closest caches will also be displayed. Click on a CacheFlag to get details about that cache! If you have ideas for other enhancements to CacheMaps, feel free to post them in the Enhancement Forum.


What’s New (Changelog):

  • MacCaching now works on Leopard (please provide feedback)
  • New Feature: CacheMaps – Complete Google Maps integration
  • New Feature: CacheMaps – Nearby Caches show up in CacheMap
  • New Feature: Cache Description and Logs show below Cache Listing
  • New Tool: Reset Found Status and Geocache Icon to Found (under tools)
  • Bug Fix: Importing a folder of caches now works
  • Bug Fix: International coordinate issues
  • Bug Fix: Distance column stays unselected

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