Off-Topic: Copenhagen

During the week of January 20th I will be visiting various cities/countries in Europe. During the work week my schedule is pretty full. However, I have a day in each weekend for sight-seeing. My first stop is in Copenhagen, so I gave Geocaching in a foreign country a shot. Since I have limited mobility I was only able to look for urban caches. Unfortunately I had 3 DNFs. However, I didn’t try very hard because I did not want to raise anyone’s suspicion.

If you are interested in seeing two of the sights I had a chance to take pictures of, here is a link to my .Mac/iWeb page “Copenhagen 2008.”

The next stops on my trip are Munich, Stuttgart, and finally Milan (with a weekend stay.) I doubt I can do sight-seeing much less geocaching during the week, so I am looking forward to my Milan visit!

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