Build #180 – Logs Everywhere!

Download: MacCaching Build #180 – Pre 1.3.0 (8.5mb)

Working towards a 1.3.0 release. Please note, you may experience problems with this version of MacCaching. This build recommended for expert users. Please report all bugs in this forum thread. You may not want to drop this build into your Applications folder (yet).

Change Log So Far (some repeated from Build #172/175):
– Added: Beta version of GPSBabel
– Added: Templates for File Export
– Fixed: Added Logs to vCard
– Fixed: eXplorist Crashes
– Fixed: when dragging and dropping caches, Smart CacheLists show up in the list
– Fixed: It is possible to delete caches if it is a smart cachelist, even though it doesn’t actually delete anything
– Added logs to iPod Notes (through templates)
– Fixed: Smart Cachelist: “Does not contain” did not work correctly, it does now.
– Fixed: iPod Notes fails to export (twice)
– Added default values for Difficulty and Terrain

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