Build: 07_0119 – Fixed Export Problem

Download: MacCaching Build: 07_0119

Internally I have a thread called “GenerateGPX.” I realized today that it would return before finished processing the data. This meant exports and transfers to GPS might not contain all of the right waypoints. This is a quick fix.

Build: 07_0116 – Faster Coordinate Editor

Download: 07_0116 – Faster Coordinate Editor
The coordinate editor received some new code, to make the user interface snappier.
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Build: 07_0115 – New Import / Export Handler

Download: Latest MacCaching Build

Primarly, this build includes a new handler for Importing and Exporting files. If you’re having trouble with certain files, send them to me so I can take a look.

Added Public Forums

I do not discourage using the comment system on the main part of the website. However for deeper questions and discussions, I have added a public forum to the site– I encourage everyone to post questions and comments, even ones you have already sent to me.

Check out the Usage Surveys. They are an easy way to give some feedback about MacCaching. The other thing I would like to build up is the Help and Questions Forum. Eventually I want to create a robust FAQ (and help system). This is a good place to help contribute what will go there.

Build: 07_0113 – Improved GPX Support

Download: Latest Release 0.5.1_07_0113

Several users have reported problems with certain GPX Pocket Queries. Others have asked if it is possible to strip HTML from the descriptions. After investigating why some files failed to load I discovered another bug in my complier AND realized, not everyone has valid HTML on their geocache pages. So I’ve done two things in this release: changed the way I handle the GPX files and strip out most (if not all) of the HTML.

Paperless Caching with OSX (Palm or iPod)

Please note. These instructions will work with a Palm Device configured through OS X’s iSync. They were intended for the iPod

Using two tools only: MacCaching and AddressBook you can Geocache with OSX quite easily. This trick works with any iPod that displays “Contacts” and any Palm Pilot configured through iSync. (If you are using the Palm Desktop instead of Address Book, this trick does not work.)

Here are the quick steps to follow:
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A Jeep Thing’s Geocaching Tips

While Geocaching, a tip I commonly practice is “Feel with my eyes first, before using my hands.” In other words, I try not to move anything until I’ve throughly searched an area with my eyes. has an article titled: “Geocachers Encouraged to Tread Lightly“. There are tips in the posting about placing a cache as well as looking for them

A nice quick read to remind yourself on how to be a responsible Geocacher.

Announcing: v0.5.0 of MacCaching

Here is a link to download v0.5.0 of MacCaching. New in this release:

  • Column for Distance Calculations (and a calculator tool)
  • Fully Functional Coordinate Editor
  • Integrated Simple Search / Filter (kinda slow right now)
  • Verified Support for USB-Based Garmin GPS units (60cx, 70cx, and StreetPilots)
  • Initial Magallen Serial Support
  • Export to iPod for Paperless Caching
  • Library (or CacheList) Export

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Latest: 0.5.0 Release Candiate 2

This is an older version than the release 0.5.0. You probably want this download instead.

I am fixing the last annoying bugs before releasing 0.5.0. Please take a look at MacCaching 0.5.0_rc2 and let me know if you encounter problems. I already know about these:

– MacCaching sometimes looses which columns were being displayed.
– There is a long delay (basically refresh) when closing the Coordinate Editor
– You can’t change what is sent to the GPS as the “name”.

Another than those, let me know what problems you encounter!

Download from here.
Thanks, James.

Now with Filter…

This is the last feature I will be adding for a while. My concentration will be on fixing bugs to make the 0.5.0 release. (Link Removed)This build adds a filter in the main window. The search looks through hidden columns, which slows down the process. Moving foward, I need to find a better way to implement the search. Let me know your thoughts…

Click here for the latest MacCaching pre-release.