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Stable Version: 1.3.1 (8.7mb)


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (10.3 and earlier is known to not work.)
  • Intel or PPC Macintosh
  • Serial Adapter if your GPS is serial based (not USB)
  • Optional: Live Internet Connection (for some features)
  • Optional: Premium Membership (for some features)

This software is shareware. Click here to purchase a MacCaching license.

Archive for Downloads

Build #184 – 1.3.0-RC1

Download: MacCaching Build #184(9mb)
For more beta builds:

A minor update from #184. Sounds like most HC owners are up and running again. There may be a minor issue with the 60C-series from Garmin. If you have trouble, post in the forums. I’m calling this RC-1. I know all of the bugs aren’t fixed, but I need to push out a newer version than 1.2.3.
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Build #175: Garmin HC Fix

Download: MacCaching 1.2.3 Build #175

This build is specifically to test a fix for the Garmin HC series. Another build (pre-1.3) is still being worked on.

Please report in the forms if this does or does not work.

NOTE: This build will break vCard/iPod Contact exports. (Using either of these formats will cause this build of MacCaching to crash.

Build #171 – Bug Fixes

Do not download this build, it does not work. Download 172 (or higher) instead: Click here for #172

Download: Click here to download 1.2.3 #171 (7.4mb)

This build contains two bug fixes:

  • More robust iPod detection
  • Fixed issue with Smart Cachelist (“Does Not Contain” did not always work)
  • Fixed issue with blank diff/terrain

Also included is the brand new (more colorful, less words) Quick Start Guide.

MacCaching 1.2.3 (#166)

Download: Click here to download (7.4mb)

Version 1.2 of MacCaching Features:

  • Support for Leopard
  • CacheMaps: Complete Google Integration w/ Multiple Caches per map
  • Garmin and Magellan USB Support
  • Smart Cachelists for automatic Cache Management
  • Export Cache information to iPod (Notes or Contacts)
  • Even more drag-and-drop options for importing files (ZIP files, Folders, etc.)

This version specifically fixes:

  • Fixed: GPX and LOC import on PPC-based Macs (running Leopard)
  • Fixed: Magellan eXplorist exports correctly now
  • Fixed: Garmin 60-series fixes
  • Fixed: More CacheMap issues

MacCaching 1.2.1 (#158) – Minor Leopard Fixes

Download: Click here to download (7.3mb)

Bug fixes as we learn more about MacCaching running on Leopard. This build includes the CacheMaps introduced in 1.2!

  • Fixed: GPX and LOC files import properly
  • Fixed: Search field didn’t load properly
  • Fixed: CacheMap issues (some still exist)

Please continue to use the Bug Report Forum to let us know about issue with Leopard.

Note: We have confirmed that the Keyspan Serial adapter works correctly with the Tiger (10.4.0) driver.

MacCaching v1.2 – Leopard Support & CacheMaps!

Download: Click here to download
YouTube Link: Demo of 1.0’s Features
YouTube Link:: Smart Cachelist Tutorial

This release includes two major enhancements. The first is Leopard Support. Our ability to test on Leopard has been limited, so not all features may work correctly at first. Please report your experiences in the MacCaching Forums (registering not required.)

The second new feature is CacheMaps! Click the “Show Maps” button to see a cache on a Google Map. Automatically the 5 closest caches will also be displayed. Click on a CacheFlag to get details about that cache! If you have ideas for other enhancements to CacheMaps, feel free to post them in the Enhancement Forum.


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MacCaching v1.1

Download: Click here to download
YouTube Link: Demo of 1.0’s Features

What’s New:

  • A number of 1.0 bugs have been fixed
  • Setting Geocaching name automatically sets Owner status
  • User selectable “Update Check”
  • Improved Smart Cachelist User Interface
  • Bug Fix: Google Maps working again
  • Bug Fix: Cache Coordinates always 3 decimal places
  • Bug Fix: Certain symbols in the name field causes crashes
  • Bug Fix: LOC Format’s Name is imported correctly now

MacCaching 1.0

Announcing: MacCaching 1.0!
Download: Click here to download (7mb)
YouTube Video: Demo of 1.0’s Features

On October 31, 2006 CMiYC Labs released the first version of MacCaching. The first 12 hours it was available for download, fifty people downloaded it. That might not seem like many, but that was just a few months ago. Since then, there have been many thousands of downloads, almost three hundred posts in the forums, and we have received hundreds of email messages.

Thank you for all of the support to this point.

I’m proud to announce version 1.0 of MacCaching!

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Open Source IOGear / Prolific Driver

In the forums, ryust has pointed out that there are is an Open Source version of the drivers for the Prolific chipset. This chipset is typically found in the serial-to-USB adapters that typically cost less than $15 US.

The drivers directly from Prolific tend to be problematic, which is why we have been recommending the KeySpan adapter (about $40US).

Give these Open Source Prolific drivers a try if you are using a serial adapter based on it (most commonly the IOGear chipset) and let us know how they work.

MacCaching 0.6.2

Finally. Download: MacCaching 0.6.2 (5.1mb)

This build of the 0.6.x releases should work.

I didn’t realize I was compiling the cmconvert and gpsbabel utilities incorrectly. I apologize for the trouble. Please let me know if this version still doesn’t work!