Q: If I register MacCaching, will I have to pay again for upgrades?
A: No! Your license for MacCaching is for the lifetime of the product.

Q: Are you connected in any way with Groundspeak, Geocaching.com, Magellan, or Garmin?
A: No. CMiYC Labs and MacCaching is a private third-party. We are not connected with any of these companies.

Q: What is a Geocache Manager?
A: When you download a .LOC or .GPX file from Geocaching.com, it contains a lot of data about the cache(s). A Geocache Manager allows you to handle the data efficiently. MacCaching lets you import Geocache data, edit it, organize caches, and transfer them to your GPS.

Q: How do I import a file into MacCaching?
A: Simply drag-and-drop a GPX, LOC, or ZIP file on to the MacCaching window or dock icon.

A: Select “Open” from the File” menu and choose either GPX or LOC file.

Q: How do I send caches to my GPS unit?
A: Click the “To GPS” button, a dialog will appear.

Q: What makes this different than the other Mac geocaching software?
A: There are many different utilities which each offer a piece of MacCaching’s features. In fact, some of those open-source utilities are built in to MacCaching. No other Mac OS X software offers a Geocacher the same complete list of features as MacCaching.

A: Most of the utilities for GPS and Macs are difficult to figure out or not specific to Geocaching. MacCaching is designed with a familiar interface and is meant specifically for Geocaching.

Q: What devices does MacCaching currently support?
A: Nearly any Garmin or Magellan device with a PC-connection with work with MacCaching. Serial-based GPS units will require a serial-to-usb adapter, such as the KeySpan 19HS adapter. Online store such as Amazon offer this adapter for sale. Other stores include Fry’s Electronics and CompUSA. (The cheaper $10-15 adapters do not tend to work well. You may need to use these open source drivers.)

A: The Currently Supported Devices page has a list of confirmed working devices. If yours is not on the list, it may still work. If this is the case, please email us so we can add it to the list!

Q: Will MacCaching support other GPS units?
A: As we get access to more units, we will add them to MacCaching’s supported device list. encourage everyone to send me an email to let me know if yours works or not! Even though this is based on GPSbabel, different models communicate in different ways. For example it is easy to send and receive coordinates from a Garmin. Magellan eXplorist units, on the other hand, are “file” based. MacCaching is much more than just a GPSbabel front-end, so not all devices supported by GPSBabel are supported by MacCaching.

Q: When trying to communicate with a Garmin eTrex, I seem to get errors.
A: Please make sure the Garmin protocol is set in your setup and that you are using a KeySpan USB Serial Adapter. If you are using a serial adapter that only cost about $10US, it is probably based on the broken Prolific chipset.

Q: Do you recommend a specific serial-to-USB Adapter?
A: Yes. The KeySpan USB Serial Adapter. Previously, I used an adapter based on the Prolific chipset and it failed to communicate most of the time. It worked fine in Windows, but had issues with OSX. Amazon sells this adapter. I’ve also seen it in-store at Fry’s and CompUSA.