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Latest Build: 07-0217 Mostly Bugfixes

Download: Download Build 07-0217 (Link removed, check the latest builds for a newer build.)

Thanks to the forums, we’ve squashed at least 2 if not 3 major bugs in this latest build, plus some smaller ones.

Please remember that MacCaching is a project I work on in my spare time. If you like it and see potential in it, please consider making a donation to the project.
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Build: 07_0119 – Fixed Export Problem

Download: MacCaching Build: 07_0119

Internally I have a thread called “GenerateGPX.” I realized today that it would return before finished processing the data. This meant exports and transfers to GPS might not contain all of the right waypoints. This is a quick fix.

Announcing: v0.5.0 of MacCaching

Here is a link to download v0.5.0 of MacCaching. New in this release:

  • Column for Distance Calculations (and a calculator tool)
  • Fully Functional Coordinate Editor
  • Integrated Simple Search / Filter (kinda slow right now)
  • Verified Support for USB-Based Garmin GPS units (60cx, 70cx, and StreetPilots)
  • Initial Magallen Serial Support
  • Export to iPod for Paperless Caching
  • Library (or CacheList) Export

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Beta Build: 06-1227. Follow up to X-Mas Build

The Christmas build I released yesterday contained a number of annoying bugs. This release cleans up most of them. It doesn’t add any new features.

The Search Input box is still not working yet, even though you can enter stuff.

Christmas Latest Build

As always, look at for newer releases.

This “latest” build is going to be v0.5.0, even though it says “0.2.5.” Several major features are being introduced: Library Export, Paperless caching with an iPod, distance (from home) calculations, and search/filter. (The last one isn’t implemented yet.)

If you download this build, please try some of the new features. Also, I’ve started using multiple threads to make the user interface snappier. The Search/Filter will be implemented before I release and I’ll probably make another build to test that. I didn’t gray out the box, so just keep in mind it doesn’t do anything yet.

As always, pass along your feedback!

Grab your lift ticket and your GPS receiver

The Denver Post reports that Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado is now offering its guests a Garmin eTrex GPSr when they check-in. Along with GPSr, the guests also receive coordinates to 4 different caches through-out the resort. The GPSr is for the guest to keep. What a great way to introduce vacationers to Geocaching!

Expermential USB Support (latest_121206)

This build is outdated.  Download the Stable Release from here or get the Latest Build from here. USB Suppor is now buiilt in.

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Snapshot of the new look…

Currently I’m working on the ability to resize the window. Learning to program things like this give me a new appreciation for applications like iTunes and iPhoto. In addition to being able to resize the window, I’ve changed the actual look to the brushed metal look. After playing with MacCaching for a bit, I started to realize I really like this look, and so I think I’ll stick with it.

Quick Fix: v0.2.4_r1

Turns out my complier isn’t creating i386 (Intel) binaries correctly. So this is a quick fix for Intel users. If you already downloaded 0.2.4 and have a PPC-based Mac, there’s no need to download this one.

Unite For Diabetes –’s Travel Bug Promo

On today’s pod-cast I heard that Groundspeak launched the Unite For Diabetes Travel Bug Promotion to help raise awareness for diabetes worldwide. They have a limited number of travel bugs which they will ship anywhere in the world, for free! The goal for each Travel Bug is to reach its city and circulate throughout the city’s geocaches, spreading diabetes awareness as it goes.

There is a sign-up page there if you’d like to try get one of the specially designed travel bug tags with a blue diabetes ring. Visit the main site for more information.