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MacCaching 0.6.1

Download: MacCaching 0.6.1 (4.6mb)

Please See Build 0.6.2 Instead.

See the post for 0.6.0 for the new features. This is a quick follow-up release because I goofed when compiling the final build. Most of the code was set to i386 only.

Update: 06/10/07: Okay, this build isn’t right either. An updated release is in the works.

MacCaching 0.6.0

Screenshot for 0.6.0This release represents the move advanced version of MacCaching, to date. Read more for a complete list of features and then go Caching with your Mac!

Download: Release – 0.6.0 (5.1mb)

Do not download this release. Please See Build 0.6.2 Instead.

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Build #100 – 0.6rc1

Download: Build #100 – 0.6rc1(5.3mb)

This is Release Candidate 1 for 0.6.

Did some work on the distance calculator, fixed a delete bug, and a couple of bugs in the menus.

Build #77 – Partial Export Dialog

Download: MacCaching Build 77 – Only Garmin works on the export dialog

It has been a long time since my last update. Much has happened in my personal life, and it has slowed me down quite a bit. The good news is that things are finally settling down and I am able to make time for MacCaching (and Geocaching) again!
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Announcing: v0.5.0 of MacCaching

Here is a link to download v0.5.0 of MacCaching. New in this release:

  • Column for Distance Calculations (and a calculator tool)
  • Fully Functional Coordinate Editor
  • Integrated Simple Search / Filter (kinda slow right now)
  • Verified Support for USB-Based Garmin GPS units (60cx, 70cx, and StreetPilots)
  • Initial Magallen Serial Support
  • Export to iPod for Paperless Caching
  • Library (or CacheList) Export

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Latest: 0.5.0 Release Candiate 2

This is an older version than the release 0.5.0. You probably want this download instead.

I am fixing the last annoying bugs before releasing 0.5.0. Please take a look at MacCaching 0.5.0_rc2 and let me know if you encounter problems. I already know about these:

– MacCaching sometimes looses which columns were being displayed.
– There is a long delay (basically refresh) when closing the Coordinate Editor
– You can’t change what is sent to the GPS as the “name”.

Another than those, let me know what problems you encounter!

Download from here.
Thanks, James.