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Off-Topic: Copenhagen

During the week of January 20th I will be visiting various cities/countries in Europe. During the work week my schedule is pretty full. However, I have a day in each weekend for sight-seeing. My first stop is in Copenhagen, so I gave Geocaching in a foreign country a shot. Since I have limited mobility I was only able to look for urban caches. Unfortunately I had 3 DNFs. However, I didn’t try very hard because I did not want to raise anyone’s suspicion.

If you are interested in seeing two of the sights I had a chance to take pictures of, here is a link to my .Mac/iWeb page “Copenhagen 2008.”

The next stops on my trip are Munich, Stuttgart, and finally Milan (with a weekend stay.) I doubt I can do sight-seeing much less geocaching during the week, so I am looking forward to my Milan visit!

Quest For the IceFox

McClelland & Stewart, book publisher, has incorporated Facebook, Google Maps, and Geocaching in a contest to help launch a new book title: The Frozen Thames by Helen Humphreys. “[The book] is a series of stories about life in historical London and the river Thames that ebbs, flows and freezes throughout its history. The Quest for the Ice Fox contest intends to pull readers virtually down to the river and into that tarnished, talented knot of humanity.”

The first clue will hit Facebook on October 15th via the Ice Fox group. The object is to find the location of the Ice Fox, using Google Maps. There will be a total of eight clues each released at 5am ET on Mondays. The first person to find/post the location of the IceFox will win a $2,000 travel voucher.

The Official Press Release Can Be Found Here.

See Ya At Midwest GeoBash 2007

Just a reminder that I’ll be attending the Midwest Geobash; this weekend.  I’ll be wearing a MacCaching shirt, so keep any eye.  I’d love to meet anyone that uses MacCaching at the event! 

I won’t be there on Friday, but I plan to be at the PodCacher Meet and Greet; Saturday morning. 

Looking forward to the event ( listing)

Build 112 – Added CacheMate Export to File Menu

Download:  Build 112 – CacheMate in File Menu (5.3mb)

As requested, added “Export to CacheMate” to the file menu… (So you don’t have to send your caches to your GPS to export them.) Logs still are not stored by Mac Caching. Despite that, you could use MacCaching to simply convert GPX files to CacheMate (palm) format files. There is still the option to automatically load into Palm’s Hotsync Manager.

Midwest Geobash 2007

Just a quick question… who here is attending the Midwest Geobash?  The event takes place on July 20-22 at the Noble County Fairground in Kendallville, IN.

My family is in Indiana, so I was thinking about attending.  Let me know if you’ll be attending.  If so, we can say Hi!  Drop me an email, leave a comment, or make a post on the Mac Caching forums

The New Garmin eTrex

Garmin has released a series of updated eTrex models with a higher sensitive receiver. According to the official press release, they won’t be available until July-Aug of this year. has an article with more details on the new eTrex models. Of course, there is no mention on Mac support. :)

Build #80 – eXplorist Support

Please note, this release is out of date. Please use a new build:
Download: MacCaching Build #80 eXplorist now works in the “To GPS Button.”

You can now export a cache list (or the library) to an eXplorist, using the “To GPS” button. There will be a quick dialog to give you a chance to name the file. From the feedback by eXplorist users, I understand the filename shows up in your GPS. This will give you a chance to name it to something other than my default. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Couple more notes… Read the rest of this entry »

PodCacher Hit Episode #100!

Podcacher ImagePodCacher is one of my favorite podcasts. PodCacher is a podcast dedicated to Geocaching. Although I have mentioned PodCacher in the past, I thought I would again. Even though this was a couple of weeks ago (I’m a little behind), PodCacher hit episode #100! Congrats Sonny and Sandy! I recommend everyone checking out at least one episode!

A Jeep Thing’s Geocaching Tips

While Geocaching, a tip I commonly practice is “Feel with my eyes first, before using my hands.” In other words, I try not to move anything until I’ve throughly searched an area with my eyes. has an article titled: “Geocachers Encouraged to Tread Lightly“. There are tips in the posting about placing a cache as well as looking for them

A nice quick read to remind yourself on how to be a responsible Geocacher.

Grab your lift ticket and your GPS receiver

The Denver Post reports that Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado is now offering its guests a Garmin eTrex GPSr when they check-in. Along with GPSr, the guests also receive coordinates to 4 different caches through-out the resort. The GPSr is for the guest to keep. What a great way to introduce vacationers to Geocaching!