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MacCaching 1.2.1 (#158) – Minor Leopard Fixes

Download: Click here to download (7.3mb)

Bug fixes as we learn more about MacCaching running on Leopard. This build includes the CacheMaps introduced in 1.2!

  • Fixed: GPX and LOC files import properly
  • Fixed: Search field didn’t load properly
  • Fixed: CacheMap issues (some still exist)

Please continue to use the Bug Report Forum to let us know about issue with Leopard.

Note: We have confirmed that the Keyspan Serial adapter works correctly with the Tiger (10.4.0) driver.

Build 113 – Fixed Problem in Coordinate Editor

Download: Mac Caching Build #133 – Cache editor crash fixed (5.3mb)

After editing coordinates MacCaching might crash. This build fixes this problem. Thanks to edbusch for pointing it out. This was very similar to a problem early on. Looks like I missed this in my regular testing!

Build 112 – Added CacheMate Export to File Menu

Download:  Build 112 – CacheMate in File Menu (5.3mb)

As requested, added “Export to CacheMate” to the file menu… (So you don’t have to send your caches to your GPS to export them.) Logs still are not stored by Mac Caching. Despite that, you could use MacCaching to simply convert GPX files to CacheMate (palm) format files. There is still the option to automatically load into Palm’s Hotsync Manager.

Build #105 – Fixed Preferences Loader

Download: MacCaching Build #105 (5.1mb)

A quick fix with the preference loader that would sometimes cause a crash at MacCaching’s launch.

Build #100 – 0.6rc1

Download: Build #100 – 0.6rc1(5.3mb)

This is Release Candidate 1 for 0.6.

Did some work on the distance calculator, fixed a delete bug, and a couple of bugs in the menus.

Build #99 – Minor Tweaks

Download: Build #99 – Minor Tweaks(5.3mb)

This build just has some minor tweaks. Since I am working towards a 0.6.0 build, I am spending some time creating (wait for it…) a help file! :) After going caching this weekend, I decided to change a couple of minor things real quick.

Don’t forget, there is a list of bugs and enhancements in the Mac Caching Bugzilla system. If there is something missing or you want to “vote” for something, drop an email or post in the forum.

Also… Check out the new page on Supported Devices. Please make sure to let me know if your GPS works with MacCaching, but isn’t listed!

Build #98 – Fixed iPod/vCard

Download: MacCaching Build #98 – Fixed iPod Paperless Support (5.3mb)

There were two annoying bugs with vCard exports. if there was a ; in a field the entire record was truncated. This is based on how Address Book handles vCards. The 2nd was that hints didn’t always work. Both have been fixed now.

Discuss any issues in the MacCaching Forums.

Build #96 – New Serial Port

Download: New Serial Port Support(5.3mb)

Quick change in this build for serial ports. The “To GPS” button uses a new method to determine your system’s serial ports. Preferences uses the old method.

If you are using a USB-to-Serial adapter, please let me know if you see different results in these two different windows.

Build #95 – CacheMate Support

Build #88 – Continued Bug Fixes

Download: MacCaching Build #88

This build is mostly bug fixes, in the sense, there are no new features. The backend has received much attention as I’m trying to avoid the memory leaks which have been causing me problems. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

To discuss this build, visit the MacCaching Beta Forum.