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Build #81 – Minor Bug Fixes

Download: MacCaching Build #81 (5mb)

If you downloaded Build #80, you’ll probably get an exception when loading. This version will fix that exception. No other features have been added. I’m working on the memory leak that occurs during import and export.

Visit this forum thread to discuss this build.

Build #80 – eXplorist Support

Please note, this release is out of date. Please use a new build:
Download: MacCaching Build #80 eXplorist now works in the “To GPS Button.”

You can now export a cache list (or the library) to an eXplorist, using the “To GPS” button. There will be a quick dialog to give you a chance to name the file. From the feedback by eXplorist users, I understand the filename shows up in your GPS. This will give you a chance to name it to something other than my default. If you have suggestions, let me know.

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Build #77 – Partial Export Dialog

Download: MacCaching Build 77 – Only Garmin works on the export dialog

It has been a long time since my last update. Much has happened in my personal life, and it has slowed me down quite a bit. The good news is that things are finally settling down and I am able to make time for MacCaching (and Geocaching) again!
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Latest Build: 72 Context Menus Fleshed Out

Download: MacCaching Build 72.

Please remember to visit the Latest Builds Blog to make sure this is the “latest” build.

A bunch of random bug fixes, small enhancements, and a slightly new look (screenshot below). MacCaching is now running with GPSBabel 1.3.3.
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Latest Build: 68 Fixed Launching Crash

Download:Download Build 68, Posted on 3/5/07
Some people have had their libraries get corrupted which prevents MacCaching from loading again. I have implemented a simple hack that attempts a recovery (which only works sometimes) and then gives the option to start over with a blank library.

You (the user) also has the option to send me your Library.xml file, to see if I can manually fix it.

it still isn’t clear to me why some libraries become corrupted in the first place.

Latest Build: 67 Memory Leaks Stage 1

Download: MacCaching Build 67
Turns out there are some memory leaks in the XML processor I am using. This would prevent large libraries from opening. It is advisable to re-launch MacCaching after importing a GPX file (especially a large one.)
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Latest Build: 07-0219 Critical Refresh Fix

Download:Download Build 07-0219
Download:Download Build 07-0219_2 (Minor changes if you downloaded the “first” 0219 release, get the new one.)

If you are using any of the Beta builds, upgrade to this one ASAP.

The XML Processor has another bug in it. Originally I was going to promote the complier I am using for MacCaching. However, I’ve encountered so many critical bugs, I can’t justify giving those guys any credit!

If you were getting a crash after editing caches, this release will fix that. The crashes didn’t cause any data loss, but caused lots of crashing.

Latest Build: 07-0217 Mostly Bugfixes

Download: Download Build 07-0217 (Link removed, check the latest builds for a newer build.)

Thanks to the forums, we’ve squashed at least 2 if not 3 major bugs in this latest build, plus some smaller ones.

Please remember that MacCaching is a project I work on in my spare time. If you like it and see potential in it, please consider making a donation to the project.
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Latest Build: 07-0204 Explorist Support

Download: eXplorist Support

Testing support for Magellan eXplorist devices. The cachelist of your choice is converted to the eXplorist format and copied into external memory. There are a couple of issues:
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Build: 07_0122 – Improved Performance

Download Link: MacCaching Build: 07_1222
I roughly calculated a 2x speed increase when loading Cachelists.

I’m still looking into ways to make MacCaching more responsive. This might be the fastest I can make it until I move to Xcode. Let me know if you notice any problems viewing caches. The “Show Export Dialog” is still non-functional. Eventually all “exports” will go through this dialog, so I’m giving it a lot of care.