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Hear about MacCaching on the Geocache Podcast

xpunkx and darrylw4 hosted me on their LIVE podcast tonight Geocaching Podcast. In addition to talking a bit about MacCaching, darrylw4 gave a great overview of how Pocket Queries work.

This podcast is a unique Geocaching podcast, because it is hosted by TalkShoe hosts live podcasts where listeners can call in real-time, while the podcast is being recorded.

I was on Episode #28. Check out the Podcast, it is a very cool format and one that I’ll be adding to my iPod shortly… Thank you xpunkx and darrylw4 for letting me be on your show!

Preview to version 1.0!

Note: MacCaching 1.0 is now available!

Hi Everyone.

 It has been quite some time since I have posted a blog entry or a latest build of MacCaching.  In the next couple of weeks I am going to be releasing version 1.0!  Right now I’m finishing up some features and doing some bug fixes before it is ready. So far I have completed some major new features and fixed over 30 bugs.

Some of the highlights of new features include:  Log Support (finally!), iPod Notes, export to HTML, a new search tool, and (the best one in my opinion) Smart Cachelists!

Below is a quick YouTube video I made to show off some of the features.  Be looking for the version soon! MacCaching 1.0 is now available!  

Thanks for the Icon!

MacCaching IconOne of the cool things about a project like MacCaching, is when people contribute. Jonathan Schmid contacted me a long time ago about creating an icon.  Not only did he create exactly what I had in mind he was also responsive to minor changes. Jonathan is an avid geocacher and designer. He resides in the great Cincinnati area with his wife and enjoys caching all over the states and occasionally abroad. He loves his mac and caches with a new 60CSX and his trusty palm. You can see more of his design work at

Garmin + 10.4.10 can be troublesome

This is just warning that if you use a Garmin based GPS, there is an issue with the latest OS X update: 10.4.10.  A system call changed from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10 that breaks gpsbabel.  If you upgrade to 10.4.10, you may not be able to transfer waypoints to/from your Garmin based GPS.

Build 113 – Fixed Problem in Coordinate Editor

Download: Mac Caching Build #133 – Cache editor crash fixed (5.3mb)

After editing coordinates MacCaching might crash. This build fixes this problem. Thanks to edbusch for pointing it out. This was very similar to a problem early on. Looks like I missed this in my regular testing!

Build #105 – Fixed Preferences Loader

Download: MacCaching Build #105 (5.1mb)

A quick fix with the preference loader that would sometimes cause a crash at MacCaching’s launch.

MacCaching 0.6.2

Finally. Download: MacCaching 0.6.2 (5.1mb)

This build of the 0.6.x releases should work.

I didn’t realize I was compiling the cmconvert and gpsbabel utilities incorrectly. I apologize for the trouble. Please let me know if this version still doesn’t work!

MacCaching 0.6.1

Download: MacCaching 0.6.1 (4.6mb)

Please See Build 0.6.2 Instead.

See the post for 0.6.0 for the new features. This is a quick follow-up release because I goofed when compiling the final build. Most of the code was set to i386 only.

Update: 06/10/07: Okay, this build isn’t right either. An updated release is in the works.

MacCaching 0.6.0

Screenshot for 0.6.0This release represents the move advanced version of MacCaching, to date. Read more for a complete list of features and then go Caching with your Mac!

Download: Release – 0.6.0 (5.1mb)

Do not download this release. Please See Build 0.6.2 Instead.

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Build #100 – 0.6rc1

Download: Build #100 – 0.6rc1(5.3mb)

This is Release Candidate 1 for 0.6.

Did some work on the distance calculator, fixed a delete bug, and a couple of bugs in the menus.