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Build #99 – Minor Tweaks

Download: Build #99 – Minor Tweaks(5.3mb)

This build just has some minor tweaks. Since I am working towards a 0.6.0 build, I am spending some time creating (wait for it…) a help file! :) After going caching this weekend, I decided to change a couple of minor things real quick.

Don’t forget, there is a list of bugs and enhancements in the Mac Caching Bugzilla system. If there is something missing or you want to “vote” for something, drop an email or post in the forum.

Also… Check out the new page on Supported Devices. Please make sure to let me know if your GPS works with MacCaching, but isn’t listed!

Caching with CacheMate and a Palm-OS Device

This weekend was the first time I took advantage of MacCaching’s latest new feature: CacheMate support. Previously I had been paperless caching with my iPod. MacCaching (currently) will take a CacheList (or your entire Library), make vCards out of them, and import them into Address Book. From there, iTunes Syncs the contacts with your iPod.

Many of you asked for Smittyware’s CacheMate support. Starting with Build #96 (or was it #95?) I opened enabled built-in support for PalmOS devices. Now when you send Caches to your GPS, you also have the option to create a CacheMate file. MacCaching will even automatically launch it into HotSync for you!

Based on my own experience, I understand some of the issues that have been reported to me. I wasn’t aware you can’t directly search for a Cache’s waypoint name in CacheMate. This explains why so many of you wanted the actual description sent to your GPS instead of the Waypoint name. This is something I’ll be adding in the near future. What I do not think I will add is support to “import” notes from your CacheMate files back into MacCaching. If enough of you do this, import saved notes back to your computer, let me know. I will reconsider this decision…

Build #98 – Fixed iPod/vCard

Download: MacCaching Build #98 – Fixed iPod Paperless Support (5.3mb)

There were two annoying bugs with vCard exports. if there was a ; in a field the entire record was truncated. This is based on how Address Book handles vCards. The 2nd was that hints didn’t always work. Both have been fixed now.

Discuss any issues in the MacCaching Forums.

Build #96 – New Serial Port

Download: New Serial Port Support(5.3mb)

Quick change in this build for serial ports. The “To GPS” button uses a new method to determine your system’s serial ports. Preferences uses the old method.

If you are using a USB-to-Serial adapter, please let me know if you see different results in these two different windows.

Build #95 – CacheMate Support

Build #88 – Continued Bug Fixes

Download: MacCaching Build #88

This build is mostly bug fixes, in the sense, there are no new features. The backend has received much attention as I’m trying to avoid the memory leaks which have been causing me problems. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

To discuss this build, visit the MacCaching Beta Forum.

Build #81 – Minor Bug Fixes

Download: MacCaching Build #81 (5mb)

If you downloaded Build #80, you’ll probably get an exception when loading. This version will fix that exception. No other features have been added. I’m working on the memory leak that occurs during import and export.

Visit this forum thread to discuss this build.

Build #80 – eXplorist Support

Please note, this release is out of date. Please use a new build:
Download: MacCaching Build #80 eXplorist now works in the “To GPS Button.”

You can now export a cache list (or the library) to an eXplorist, using the “To GPS” button. There will be a quick dialog to give you a chance to name the file. From the feedback by eXplorist users, I understand the filename shows up in your GPS. This will give you a chance to name it to something other than my default. If you have suggestions, let me know.

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News and Update

Updates to MacCaching and have been pretty slow lately. In the last few weeks I have taken a new job in a different part of the country (from Texas to Colorado). This meant doing two very different jobs in two different cities for the last 6 weeks or so. Just to give you an idea of where I am at, I can not even find my Garmin!

So, MacCaching is still in active development, just not as active as usual. In another couple of weeks I’ll be adding some features I’ve been meaning to add and releasing version 0.6.0.

Thanks for the emails in the mean time. I know there are some annoying bugs left in the latest releases (even the latest builds). I’ll be getting to them soon.

Latest Build: 72 Context Menus Fleshed Out

Download: MacCaching Build 72.

Please remember to visit the Latest Builds Blog to make sure this is the “latest” build.

A bunch of random bug fixes, small enhancements, and a slightly new look (screenshot below). MacCaching is now running with GPSBabel 1.3.3.
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