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New USB to Serial Driver Available

If you are not using the KeySpan USB to Serial adapter, you probably have one based on the “Prolific Chipset.” The drivers from the company that makes the chipset do not work in OS X or with MacCaching. If you are having trouble with your USB to Serial Adapter, please give these drivers a try:

PL2303 USB to Serial Driver 0.3.1 by BAJA Electronics

Off-Topic: Copenhagen

During the week of January 20th I will be visiting various cities/countries in Europe. During the work week my schedule is pretty full. However, I have a day in each weekend for sight-seeing. My first stop is in Copenhagen, so I gave Geocaching in a foreign country a shot. Since I have limited mobility I was only able to look for urban caches. Unfortunately I had 3 DNFs. However, I didn’t try very hard because I did not want to raise anyone’s suspicion.

If you are interested in seeing two of the sights I had a chance to take pictures of, here is a link to my .Mac/iWeb page “Copenhagen 2008.”

The next stops on my trip are Munich, Stuttgart, and finally Milan (with a weekend stay.) I doubt I can do sight-seeing much less geocaching during the week, so I am looking forward to my Milan visit!

Change in the forums

Just a quick note that the MacCaching forums no longer require registration for posting. We’ve installed a new spam filter which appears to be working pretty well. A little bit of spam will slip through but less than before. I think it is a good tradeoff for making it easier to communicate with the Team MacCaching community.

Quest For the IceFox

McClelland & Stewart, book publisher, has incorporated Facebook, Google Maps, and Geocaching in a contest to help launch a new book title: The Frozen Thames by Helen Humphreys. “[The book] is a series of stories about life in historical London and the river Thames that ebbs, flows and freezes throughout its history. The Quest for the Ice Fox contest intends to pull readers virtually down to the river and into that tarnished, talented knot of humanity.”

The first clue will hit Facebook on October 15th via the Ice Fox group. The object is to find the location of the Ice Fox, using Google Maps. There will be a total of eight clues each released at 5am ET on Mondays. The first person to find/post the location of the IceFox will win a $2,000 travel voucher.

The Official Press Release Can Be Found Here.

Open Source IOGear / Prolific Driver

In the forums, ryust has pointed out that there are is an Open Source version of the drivers for the Prolific chipset. This chipset is typically found in the serial-to-USB adapters that typically cost less than $15 US.

The drivers directly from Prolific tend to be problematic, which is why we have been recommending the KeySpan adapter (about $40US).

Give these Open Source Prolific drivers a try if you are using a serial adapter based on it (most commonly the IOGear chipset) and let us know how they work.

SEE MacCaching in Icenrye’s Geocaching Videozine

Episode #24 of Icenrye’s Geocaching Videozine featured MacCaching which was about Paperless Caching! Icenrye has does a great job of with tips, along with geocaching news, and even contests!

Icenrye gives an excellent overview of how to use MacCaching and even points out how MC doesn’t support logs today. (The upcoming version 1.0 will solve this little issue.)

There’s mention of some Pee-Cee programs, but with such a great MC overview, I’ll forgive him for mentioning the dark side…
You know… he kinda sounds like John C. Dvorak… ūüėČ (j/k, Icenrye.)

Here’s a direct link to this episode.

If you would like to check out (or subscribe) to his Video podcast, here’s an iTunes link:

Hear about MacCaching on the Geocache Podcast

xpunkx and darrylw4 hosted me on their LIVE podcast tonight Geocaching Podcast. In addition to talking a bit about MacCaching, darrylw4 gave a great overview of how Pocket Queries work.

This podcast is a unique Geocaching podcast, because it is hosted by TalkShoe hosts live podcasts where listeners can call in real-time, while the podcast is being recorded.

I was on Episode #28. Check out the Podcast, it is a very cool format and one that I’ll be adding to my iPod shortly… Thank you xpunkx and darrylw4 for letting me be on your show!

Thanks for the Icon!

MacCaching IconOne of the cool things about a project like MacCaching, is when people contribute. Jonathan Schmid contacted me a long time ago about creating an icon.  Not only did he create exactly what I had in mind he was also responsive to minor changes. Jonathan is an avid geocacher and designer. He resides in the great Cincinnati area with his wife and enjoys caching all over the states and occasionally abroad. He loves his mac and caches with a new 60CSX and his trusty palm. You can see more of his design work at

iPhone Geocaching App

Do you have an iPhone (or other mobile phone with web access?)PQViewer on the iPhone

Then you might be interested in helping beta test my new web applications: PQViewer.

It is a pocket query viewer for mobile devices. Geocaching without your cell phone is not usually safe and many paperless cachers take a PDA with them. Now, you do not need to take a Palm Pilot or PocketPC with you… just your iPhone (or other web-enabled mobile device)!

The idea behind the web app is that you upload your pocket queries to the site (before you leave the house). Once out, you’ll have access to the PQ’s through the web interface. You can only display data from one pocket query at a time. Features like search and filters are being worked on (as of this post).

The user interface isn’t the final version. For now I’m just getting the all the basic features to work and then will go back to make the UI pretty (and more iPhone friendly). (Also, I don’t have an iPhone yet, so testing is limited for me.) Please send feedback to

Check out the PQViewer here.

Midwest Geobash 2007

Just a quick question… who here is attending the Midwest Geobash?¬† The event takes place on July 20-22 at the Noble County Fairground in Kendallville, IN.

My family is in Indiana, so I was thinking about attending.¬† Let me know if you’ll be attending.¬† If so, we can say Hi!¬† Drop me an email, leave a comment, or make a post on the Mac Caching forums