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The New Garmin eTrex

Garmin has released a series of updated eTrex models with a higher sensitive receiver. According to the official press release, they won’t be available until July-Aug of this year. has an article with more details on the new eTrex models. Of course, there is no mention on Mac support. :)

PodCacher Hit Episode #100!

Podcacher ImagePodCacher is one of my favorite podcasts. PodCacher is a podcast dedicated to Geocaching. Although I have mentioned PodCacher in the past, I thought I would again. Even though this was a couple of weeks ago (I’m a little behind), PodCacher hit episode #100! Congrats Sonny and Sandy! I recommend everyone checking out at least one episode!

A Jeep Thing’s Geocaching Tips

While Geocaching, a tip I commonly practice is “Feel with my eyes first, before using my hands.” In other words, I try not to move anything until I’ve throughly searched an area with my eyes. has an article titled: “Geocachers Encouraged to Tread Lightly“. There are tips in the posting about placing a cache as well as looking for them

A nice quick read to remind yourself on how to be a responsible Geocacher.

Grab your lift ticket and your GPS receiver

The Denver Post reports that Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado is now offering its guests a Garmin eTrex GPSr when they check-in. Along with GPSr, the guests also receive coordinates to 4 different caches through-out the resort. The GPSr is for the guest to keep. What a great way to introduce vacationers to Geocaching!

Geocaching 101 by Lifehacker

Lifehacker has put together a description of what they call the modern day pirate hunt. This is their way to honor the soon to be DVD, Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming to DVD. It describes the basics of Geocaching. This is probably a good article for friends you’d like to introduce to Geocaching.

Unite For Diabetes –’s Travel Bug Promo

On today’s pod-cast I heard that Groundspeak launched the Unite For Diabetes Travel Bug Promotion to help raise awareness for diabetes worldwide. They have a limited number of travel bugs which they will ship anywhere in the world, for free! The goal for each Travel Bug is to reach its city and circulate throughout the city’s geocaches, spreading diabetes awareness as it goes.

There is a sign-up page there if you’d like to try get one of the specially designed travel bug tags with a blue diabetes ring. Visit the main site for more information.

Child’s Play Charity

This Year’s Child’s Play Charity is underway. Here is a description from their site: “Since 2003, gamers have banded together through registered Seattle-based charity, Child’s Play. Over a million dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world have been collected since our inception.”

Video game players tend to get a bad rep because of the media’s great job of highlighting a few bad stories…
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No caching at the Virgin Island National Parks

Officials for the Virgin Island National Parks (VINP) are concerned about the effect Geocaching has on their parks. The officials appear to want to make things right and find a way to regulate caching. For the time being though, caches aren’t allowed inside of VINP boundries. This article serves as an important reminder. You can not just assume you have permission to place a cache! Public lands like parks are often regulated to protect the land. Even though it is public, you can’t just place caches there.

Bomb Squad Visits a Cemetery

From the St. Petersburg Times: “The two mysterious visitors huddled around the sign to Dunedin Cemetery, poking and snooping around.

Someone at former Dunedin Mayor John Doglione’s funeral saw the couple and called authorities.”

Podcacher – Geocaching Podcast

Podcacher LogoThe other day I ran across a great podcast called, Podcacher. As of this week, they are up to 76 shows. Sonny and Sandy put on a great show with all sorts of Geocaching related information.

Their podcast is the most professional sounding non-professional podcast I’ve heard. (Even before their latest equipment donations!) If you search iTMS for “Podcacher” it’ll come up. Or head over to their blog and check out the Forums.